Admissions Application

The Admissions Application (PDF format) is available for you to print if you do not want to use the on-line application. Complete and return it by mail to the Admissions and Records Office at the location you plan to attend. Just click the link below.
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Your Social Security Number is very important. Your records will remain confidential. Without your Social Security Number, we will not be able to match you with your test scores and transcripts.
Social Security Number--
For Federal income tax purposes, IRS law requires that a student furnish a Social Security Number (SSN) to the college allowing the reporting of tuition on the Form 1098T. If you do not have an SSN and you have applied for or intend to apply, check the "Applied For Social Security Number" box and provide your SSN to the college as soon as it is received.
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Ethnicity, Gender and Country of Birth are for reporting purposes and in no way affects your admission or enrollment to TSTC. Your response is voluntary and will be used in a nondiscriminatory manner, consistent with applicable civil rights.
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Your Email Address is very important. Your records will remain confidential. If you do not currently have an email address, you must obtain one for use at TSTC. TSTC requires each student to have an email address for all official correspondence. You can obtain a free email address at various web sites such as:,,,, etc. or contact your TSTC college Admissions office for assistance in obtaining an email address. (To open the website links in a new window press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking the link.)
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If you have any problems with this form or questions, call the number for your selected location below:
     Waco - 254-867-2362; East Williamson County Higher Education Center (Hutto) - 254-867-2362 or 512-759-5900;Fort Bend - 281-239-1549
     Harlingen - 1-800-852-8784
     Sweetwater - 325-235-7467; Abilene - 325-734-3604; Breckenridge - 254-559-7713; Brownwood - 325-641-3910
     Marshall - 903-923-3262; North Texas (Red Oak) - 972-617-4125 or 254-867-2362